AAP increases land cost many fold

Education Minister KA Sengottaiyan has said that the price of agricultural land has gone up several times due to the Athikkadavu Avinashi Water Project.

A meeting was held at Nambiyur in Gobichettipalayam constituency on behalf of the Farmers’ Federation to thank the Chief Minister and Education Minister for the implementation of the project.

Speaking on the occasion KA Sengottaiyan said: This project is the sixty year dream project of the farmers. The late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa allocated Rs 3.7 crore to study the project.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu approved the project and allocated Rs. 1,652 crore from the funds of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Works are currently progressing rapidly. This will fill the excess water of the Bhavani River in more than 4000 ponds in the arid areas of Erode, Tirupur and Coimbatore districts.

This will benefit more than 25,000 farmers in the area. Therefore, the value of lands in the area have increased many times.

The highlight of the project is the installation of 8 motors with 105 horsepower, functioning under solar power, at a cost of Rs 64 crore.

Six motors running simultaneously. If one of them is repaired, one of the other two motors will start working. So water will be pumped without any hindrance.

We had planned to complete the project by March, but unexpectedly the world was devastated by the corona. As a result, the workers from the North have returned to their hometowns .

They are now slowly returning to work .The project is expected to be completed in seven months .

However, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has developed Part Two project at a cost of Rs 450 crore to add the excluded ponds to the project. It would also be started shortly, he added.

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