A triple-layered mask is essential

It has been predicted that the third wave of the coronavirus will hit the country. But it is not possible to conclude immediately when it will hit and what will be its intensity.

Anurag Agarwal has warned that the impact of the third wave can be minimized by people fully following corona prevention guidelines and by vaccinating more people.

Dr Saumitra Das, Director of the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics stated that the small or big change in the structure of the coronavirus is called a mutation.

The corona undergoes 100 to 1000 transformations. She has also said that the worst part was the obscurity of whether a variant is capable of spreading rapidly and whether it is prone to severe impact or not.

The Director of the National Institute for Implementation Research on Non-Communicable Diseases Dr Arun Sharma said it is necessary to wear a three-layer mask to prevent the spread of corona.

Because the spread of the viral infection is so rapid, there is not enough time for scientists to determine what type of mutation it is.

It is therefore imperative that we fully adhere to corona prevention guidelines. It is essential to wear a triple-layered mask, frequently wash our hands, adhere to social distancing and avoid crowds.

Corona sufferers are treated with antibiotics and vaccination also provides protection. These procedures help to stave off the spread of viral infections.

So let’s take steps to protect ourselves before we get infected.

We have to protect ourselves from getting exposed to the coronavirus. We will be forced to wear a triple-layered mask as medical scientists warn that a third wave is likely to hit us in the forthcoming days.

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