A theft gang which ran a textile shop

We might have heard of gangs that are involved in sales of stolen silk clothes. But here is a gang which ran a separate shop out of stolen silk sarees. The police have arrested the gang and seized from them Rs 1 crore worth sarees.

Murugan(51), Manivasagam(41), Dhanalkshmi(40) belong to Kambam of Theni district. They have deputed a team of 10 members for stealing costly silk sarees from reputed textile stores across Tamil Nadu. 

This gang will trickily steal clothes from the shops and hand them over to their leader.

He will in turn take those stolen clothes to Theni by car. He will sell those sarees from his home in Theni to the village people.

They have been selling sarees worth Rs 50,000 for Rs 10,000 and those that were priced at Rs 25,000 for Rs 5000. This saree business was quite famous among the localities and this information was pretty shocking for the police.

The police who collected all the information about this gang abruptly charged into their house and caught them red handed. The gang was arrested and sarees worth Rs 1 crore were seized from them.

Another shocking news is that this gang has already been arrested for the same kind of saree theft and was later given bail.

The owners of big textile shops in the city have to be aware of this gang. We appreciate the Coimbatore police for having arrested the gang which has been involved in such a crime.

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