A ryot files nomination in Modakurichi

While nomination filing process for assembly poll began on Friday in 8 Assembly segments in the district, only one nomination was filed in Modakkurichi constituency by a farmer KS Kovanam Thangavelu as independent candidate.

None filed nominations in other segments.

Candidature can be registered online, a copy can be obtained and submitted to the respective Returning Officer.

However, in the office of the ROs nomination papers are provided free of charge.

For any candidate for whom the petition is received, his / her affidavit or, a copy of the voter ID card and the letter of identification can be submitted to get it free of cost.Online Petition: Erode West Constituency Returning Officer and RDO, Saibuddin said:

On the Election Commission website, one can select the contesting constituency and apply online.

If you open Form-1 and answer each question and attach a copy of required documents, the following pages will open and then nomination fee can be remitted in the account number mentioned on the site.

If a partyman is a candidate of a political party the details of one proposer and if he is an independent, ten others should propose his name.

AMP form, should be attached to the candidate’s approval letter issued by the party should be submitted.

The filled in form should be submitted by the candidate, or his nominee.

As it is not possible to review the nomination online, the candidate should come in person and take the oath.

Or, one should get the form by visiting the RO office and come in person and file it, the RDO said.

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