A ray of hope

Every year, a lot of Indian youths are benefitted from the H1- B visa. Out of the 65,000 visas given to the private sector employees who work abroad, almost 70% are procured by Indians.

As a result of the action in June 2020 taken by US President Trump, 2,19,000 visa applications were put on hold.

The American economy was affected by the corona pandemic and so these restrictions were brought forth to curtail the opportunities given to foreign employees. 

There were speculations whether these restrictions would hinder the relationship between India and America in the field of Information Technology. Close to 29.7 billion US dollars worth of IT services were exported from India to the USA. it is 14.3% high when compared to 2009. 

The CEOs of leading companies in Silicon Valley condemned the restriction imposed on H1-B visa claiming that it curtails the progress of the majority of their technological works. In this context, the decisions made by Biden are expected to resolve the blunders committed by Trump.

As a result of Biden’s decision, America’s workforce, which is their biggest strength, will increase thereby the restrictions on the visa will also be eased. 

There might perhaps be a need for America to provide jobs for their native employees to combat the economic recession that is prevailing there. Yet, Biden should not forget the 7.40 crore votes that were cast based on the trust upon his ideology that was against the policy of giving preference in employment only for the Americans.

He will have to bring in reforms for the revival of the American economy. It can be expected that the multifarious and mutual relationships with countries including India will be a part of those reforms.

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