A fine of Rs 25000 slapped on 5 shops at Erode

The corona virus is spreading rapidly in Tamil Nadu.

Various preventive measures are being taken to prevent further spread as the Assembly elections are scheduled to be held on April 6.

Various preventive measures are being taken to prevent the district in Erode district on behalf of the district administration.

On Friday, Erode Collector C. Kathiravan and the SP Thangathurai conducted a surprise inspection at the Erode VOC Park Daily Market, bus stand premises, shops and buses.

The Collector levied fines on vegetable traders who did not wear helmets.

He asked the traders not to serve vegetables to customers who do not wear masks and warned that shops will be closed from tomorrow if they do business without wearing masks.

Following this, the officers who inspected a hotel on Park Road and slappeda fine of Rs. 5,000 for not following corona safety norms and warned that if the fine was not paid, the drinking water connection and electricity would be cut off.

Similarly, four more restaurants were fined Rs 5,000 each for non-compliance with Corona rules.

The Collector also ordered closure of two shops, a cell phone shop and a spare part shop, which did not comply with the Corona prevention measures.

He also said that action would be taken if the officers who inspected the cloth store on Mettur Road did not follow the rules.

Thus today five shops were fined Rs 5,000 at the rate of Rs 5 each.

Two shops were locked and sealed.

A fine of Rs 200 each was levied on 50 persons who did not wear the masks.

Following this, Kadiravan told reporters ” currently the corona spread is increasing again.

As a result, wearing mask has been made mandatory.

The work of imposing a fine of Rs. 200 for not wearing mask has started as the public has not cooperated enough.

Currently, there is a possibility of a second wave of corona spreading.

Various preventive measures are being taken to ensure that this does not escalate further as it is election time.

The public must adhere to corona norms when going out strictly”,he said.

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