A fair play is needed for conducting elections

The political parties can criticize the other parties based on their past activities rather than attacking them personally based on one’s individual life. It is not fair to create a commotion in the meetings of the other parties.

Private lands should not be used for political campaigns without permission.

Offering money for votes or arranging transport facilities for reaching the polling booths should be refrained. At the same time, a lot of complaints pile up against the electoral officers right from the day, on which the election schedule is announced until the day of counting.

The candidates, while filing nomination, have to attach an affidavit containing the details such as age, their home constituency, the serial number mentioned in the voters’ list, income and asset details, criminal record, educational qualification and so on.

A few candidates fail to file their nominations appropriately but still, their nominations are being accepted. Whereas few nominations which were filed properly gets rejected.

A case was filed in the Madras High Court(HC) demanding the Election Commission of India(ECI) to take action against those candidates who do not file the nomination appropriately as per the Representation of the People Act.

The HC on hearing the case advised the ECI to be vigilant and dismissed the case with an order to consider the demand of the petitioner. An election conducted by ensuring fairness and prudence is the only way towards a strong democracy.

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