A change in attitude becomes significant

All the efforts made by the Election Commission of India such as restrictions, awareness campaigns etc., to curb the money distribution for the voters do not seem to be effective as expected. Apart from political parties, the candidates and voters also do not respect those norms.

Though the Election Commission appoints an array of supervisors to keenly watch and curb the money distribution by the candidates, they are easily fooled by the parties and somehow money and other gifts are being distributed to the voters.

During the last Lok Sabha election, the Election Commission postponed the polling in the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency.

Besides the Income Tax Department conducting surprise inspections during the polls, there are no developments. It is thus obvious that the voters get compromised by money and their votes are irresponsibly being sold.

Earlier the idea of the government to spend the money for elections was proposed but the Election commission denied it.

But still, it is essential to reconsider that idea. Only then, the state of the rich being the sole players in the election will be changed and those who really contribute to the welfare of the people will be able to contest.

Also, the idea of issuing a stay to the political parties from receiving donations from big corporates.

Those who are involved in criminal cases are not eligible to contest in the elections. Along with that, few other strict regulations have to be implemented. The centre can appoint a committee to look into this issue.

Only then genuine people can enter into politics and there will also be transparency in the functioning of the government. 

The voters also should change their minds about getting money for their votes. A famous Tamil song says, “Thirudanai parthu thiruntha vittaal, thiruttai ozhikka mudiyadhu” which means ‘Theft can be abolished only if the thief changes his attitude’.

Change alone is permanent and that change is very much significant in this regard.

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