6000 litres Oxygen tank at Tirupur Govt Hospital

Tiruppur District Government General Hospital is in the process of preparing an oxygen tank with a capacity of 6,000 litres to meet the demand. More than 300 people are affected daily in Tirupur district as the second wave of the corona epidemic spreads rapidly.

As the number of patients has risen to 24,562, an additional 6,000-litre oxygen tank is being set up at the Tirupur Government General Hospital to avoid shortages in the existing 3,000-litre oxygen tank. The doctors at the hospital said that they have the capacity to store more than the required 1500 litres of oxygen per day.

Valli, the Principal of Tirupur Government Medical College Hospital, said that there was adequate stock of Remdicivir medicine and that it was being used only for people who are severely affected by the infection.

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