5,000 corona vaccines arrived to Erode

Around 5000 corona vaccines arrived to Erode district, said Collector C Kathiravan.

He said that Corona virus control activities in the district are being carried out on a wartime basis.

Following the launch of the Corona Vaccination Programme on 16-01-2021 across the country, the programme was launched at five locations in the Erode Government Hospital, Government Erode Medical College Hospital, Gobi, Bhavani GHs and Siruvallur Government Primary Health Centre.

Initially, the corona vaccine was given to health workers working in public and private hospitals who were at high risk of infection.

In the second phase, the corona vaccine is being given to the frontline workers in other government departments, in the third phase, to people over 50 and under 50 with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and in the fourth phase, to the general public.

Each vaccination centre operates in 3 sections as waiting room, vaccination room and surveillance room.

All the proposed arrangements have been made for adequate ventilation, internet connection, electricity and security.

In addition, each vaccination centre has a caregiver, a beneficiary verifier, a vaccinator, and supervisors.

The project is being implemented by a team of 5 people in each centre.

Accordingly, vaccinations are being continued for those who have registered for the corona vaccine till date.

In addition, 5,000 vaccines have been received in Erode district today and it is constantly being given to the public.

Corona vaccine is being given to government officials and employees working in the District Collector’s Office yesterday (16.04.2021), he added.

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