35 tons of garbage removed in Erode city

In a single week, 35 tons of garbage has been removed through mass cleaning in the Erode city, said Corporation Commissioner Dr M Elangovan.

Erode Corporation has a total of 60 wards in 4 zones. With the onset of the monsoon season, a mass cleaning program has been launched in all the four zones to coordinate the work of clearing sewage streams and preventing dengue fever.

Through this project, work is being carried out with 100 workers in each area. Over the past one week the work has been carried out at 16 locations in 4 zones. As a result, 35 tons of garbage has been removed in the last one week. Mass cleaning work will be done in rotation in the remaining areas.

The integrated special cleaning work and dengue prevention work is led by a health inspector and an assistant health inspector in each area. Work is underway to remove sewer blockages, remove debris, identify areas where rainwater is chocked, remove tree branches and unnecessarily overgrown bushes.

In addition, work is underway to locate rainwater harvesting sites, install drains and raise public awareness about the spread of dengue. This is being investigated by the Corporation Assistant Commissioners.
Mass cleaning in one place with 100 employees at a time allows the area to be completely cleaned.

Similarly, steps have been taken to dispose of sewage the next day. Mass cleaning work will be done only 3 days a week in the coming days.
The work has been well received by the public and was being carried out on the basis of complaints from the public, he added.

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