3.11 lakh saplings to be given free of cost

The government has announced Rs11.44 crore new agro-forest project to be enforced through agriculture department to improve the green cover of the state during current year, said Joint Director of Agriculture c Chinnasamy.

He visited a nursery of Forest Extension Centre at Arachalur, in Modakurichi block, where saplings were being produced under the scheme for distribution to farmers.

He said “Under this scheme, various quality saplings including teak, mahogany, neem, mountain neem, novel, pulian, silver oak, perunelli etc were being produced in the nurseries of the Forest Department and it would be distributed to farmers in 14 blocks in the district.”

Farmers can register at the nearest Agricultural Extension Center to obtain these saplings worth Rs. 15. Under the “bund planting method” For bund plantation, 50 saplings per acre and plantation in the agriculture land 160 saplings per acre will be given.

Under this scheme 3,11,800 saplings will be provided free of cost to farmers in the district. Incentives for maintenance of saplings will be given at the rate of Rs. 7 / – per annum for live saplings from 2nd to 4th year.

All interested farmers can join the scheme. Preference will be given to small, women, Adithravidar and tribal farmers.
Arrangements have been made for the farmers to register and obtain the required saplings through the Uzhavan App, he added.

The project will provide farmers with a permanent deposit in the future, increase soil fertility on farmland and improve greenery and the environment, he added.

Deputy Director of Agriculture AN Asaithambi, Erode Forest Ranger Ravindranath and Agriculture Officer Gokulavasan were present during the inspection.

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