2,679 aged persons use postal ballot

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has advised voters over the age of 80, who are unable to go to the polls to cast their ballots, differently abled and corona victims to cast their ballots by post.

Subsequently these works proceeded expeditiously. Work was underway in Erode district as well.

In Erode district, in Erode East, Erode West, Modakkurichi, Perundurai, Bhavani, Anthiyur, Gobi and Bhavani Sagar (R) there are 50 thousand 62 persons over 80 years of age.

There are 14 thousand 597 people with disabilities. They were given 12D form to cast vote by post.

Among them, 4,413 voters over the age of 80 and 1,022 disabled voters have opted to cast their ballots by post. They were given the appropriate envelopes having their address with the form.

At 8 am yesterday, the polling team went directly to the homes of the voters in all the 8 assembly constituencies in the Erode district to help them cast their votes by post.

The polling team was accompanied by a zonal officer, two polling officers, a micro surveillance officer, a videographer, a polling station official and a gunman.

Agents of the candidates contesting the elections in the respective constituencies also closely monitored the ballot box.

After the voters cast votes, the ballot boxes were locked and sealed and taken away in a vehicle fitted with a GPS device.

Similarly the elderly in every household voted for the disabled. Voters eagerly registered their postal votes in the postal voting held in Erode district today. All of this was videographed.

The process was completed by 5 p.m. Out of 5435 registered voters in Erode district yesterday, 2679 have cast their votes.

The next opportunity for those who missed the facility can use it on Wednesday when the officials would visit their homes again. Authorities ask the public to use the new facility fully.

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