2550 beds kept ready for corona treatment


Around 2550 beds were kept ready in government and private institutions including some colleges to treat corona patients, said Collecor C Kathiravan.

Holding a review meeting on corona prevention measures with officials at the collectorate, he said that of 2550 beds 550 were in the Erode government medical college at Perundurai.

Under the National Disaster Management Act, the curfew order comes into force with various relaxations to prevent corona virus infection.

Following that, the general curfew order across Tamil Nadu has been extended till 12 midnight on 30.04.2021 with various relaxations and restrictions already in force.

Accordingly, corona virus prevention and protection measures are being carried out on a wartime basis by the district administration in Erode district.

The Corona Testing Center is planned to be set up at 4 locations at Erode Government General Hospital, Perundurai Government Erode Medical College Hospital, Erode Corporation Marriage Hall and Gobi Arts and Science College, depending on the physical health of the persons infected with the corona virus. Steps are also being taken to set up centers at Bhavani and Modakkurichi.

In the district, a total of 146 people with corona infection are being treated at the hospital. In addition, 2,035 people who were in contact with them were isolated in 514 homes.

Therefore, those with symptoms of illness including cold and flu should immediately approach the nearest government hospitals and seek medical advice.

Also, people must cover face with handkerchief when sneezing and try to prevent the virus from spreading to other people.

In Erode district, as the corona vaccine is adequately available to prevent the spread of corona, it is advised that everyone over the age of 45 should be vaccinated compulsorily at government hospitals or approved private hospitals.

It is mandatory for the public to wear a mask when entering public places.

In addition, in bakeries, tea shops, grocery stores, grocery stores, shopping malls, private companies, all showrooms, jewelry stores, textile shops, restaurants, customers can be tested for body temperature and use a hand sanitizer.

All should wear face mask.

Those who do not wear masks should not be allowed.

The above locations must follow standard guidelines and operate with only 50 percent of customers at a time.

Owners should also ensure that workers in factories wash their hands with disinfectant soap every 2 hours and work in a community space.

In addition, the public will be fined Rs 200 if they do not wear a mask when entering public places.

In addition, if the above shops and companies do not comply with government regulations, the shops and companies concerned will be sealed and fined up to Rs 5,000 and severe action will be taken.

Therefore, people from all walks of life must wear masks in public places and adhere to social gaps, considering that efforts will alone check corona.

People must wash their hands once in every 2 hours with disinfectant.

He said the public should give full cooperation to the government’s immunization efforts.

Subsequently, he inspected tea shops, bakeries, two-wheeler workshops, restaurants, private gas welding shops, cake shops and shopping malls at Surampattivalasu, Teachers colony for corona antivirus activities and sealed 6 shops which did not comply with the government’s standard guidelines.

4 shops sealed: Collector C. Kathiravan conducted a surprise inspection of the shops of Villarasampatti and sealed off 4 shops and fined them Rs 5,000 each for non-compliance with government security regulations.

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