19.37 lakh voters

There are 9,53,767 male voters, 10,03,332 female voters and 104 other voters in 8 assembly constituencies in Erode district with a total electorate of 19,57,203. Of these, 58,620 voters have been added as new voters.

17,948 voters have been deleted. Polling stations with 1050 voters will be divided into 2 polling stations. So, 526 additional polling stations were created.

Erode district has a total of 2741 polling stations with 2215 polling stations at 926 places and 526 additional polling stations. Of these, 192 tense polling stations were found in 72 places.

There are 13,157 polling officials. 192 micro-observers have been appointed.

People over the age of 80 can go to the polling stations and vote if they wish.

In Erode district, a total of 64,720 people, including 50,062 people over the age of 80, 14,380 people with disabilities and 278 people from the ex-servicemen will be voting by post.

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