140 people isolated in homes in a single day

The corona exposure has been reduced due to various preventive measures in recent past. In this situation, the impact of corona has started to increase again in the last few days throughout Tamil Nadu. In this case, the daily impact was 103 on Jan 7, 131 on 8th, 149 on 9th, 123 on 10th, 242 on 11th and 330 on 12th according to a list released by the health department yesterday. Another 330 people in Erode district were diagnosed with coronavirus on Wednesday. This has increased the number of corona victims in the district to 1 lakh 9,056. 92 persons who had been suffering from the disease, recovered and returned home on Wednesday. 1 lakh 7,324 have recovered so far in the district. There are 1,019 patients receiving treatment in government and private hospitals and one person died. As a result, the death toll has risen to 713. Out of the 242 daily outbreaks on Jan 11, 140 were confirmed in the Erode Corporation area alone.
Corporation health Officer Dr Prakash said
” The incidence of corona in Erode district is starting to increase slightly. 140 people were confirmed infected in the corporation area alone in a single day on Jan 11. They isolate themselves at home as they all have only mild symptoms. And only those with corona symptoms who are in contact with them are tested. Most of the people in the corporation are vaccinated. 30 groups have been set up for those in need of help who are in home with corona. These groups will include corporation officials and volunteers. They will go to the homes of the victims and take action to get them treated. The affected will be given control room numbers if they need medical help. They can contact that control room and get the help they need”

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