1,200 volunteers go door-to-door to diagnose corona symptoms

More than 1,700 people are affected daily by corona epidemic in Erode district. Thus, local staff, teachers, and volunteers were assigned to conduct house-to-house inspections to diagnose people with coronavirus symptoms.
In this, teachers and corporation health workers were appointed in 60 wards in 4 zones of Erode Corporation and fever test was intensified.

But, due to lack of staff, the corporation administration decided to hire volunteers.
In this regard, college students in 4 zones in Erode Corporation, men and women who have worked in other private sectors were selected through interviews.

Erode Corporation Commissioner Ilangovan said: Home-to-home inspections to diagnose coronavirus symptoms in Erode Corporation have been intensified.

For this we have recruited 1,200 people as 300 volunteers each in 4 zones.

They have also been issued a temporary identity card of the corporation.

They will go to the houses allotted to them on the basis that there is one person in charge of 100 houses and will be engaged in the task of surveying whether there is any flu. People with symptoms such as fever and colds are advised to stay home alone.

They also monitor whether those who are already told to stay at home are at home or moving out.
They will also inquire whether anyone visits medical shop in the respective area and ask if anyone in the area has taken any medicine for the common cold.

100 corporation officers have been appointed by him to monitor the study.

These officers will assign the task to volunteers.
Further the report given by the volunteers to them will be studied by the Corporation.

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