12 year old attacked by a leopard in Valparai

Leopard movements are on the rise in the estates around Valparai in the Coimbatore district. Subsequently, the leopards are found hunting and killing domestic dogs, chickens and goats reared at houses.

This has posed great fear among the people Akash (12), son of Eswaran, a resident of the first division area of ​​Solaiyar Estate near Valparai, was playing with three boys outside the house at around 4 pm today.

Then, a leopard lurking in the tea estate attacked and bit Akash and dragged him into the tea plantation. The other boys who saw this grabbed the boy by the leg and tried to save him by screaming.

Meanwhile, on the way home from work in the area, two workers, Chandran and Rajan, heard the screams of boys and rushed there. Immediately, the boy was rescued and taken to Valparai Government Hospital. There, after giving first aid to the boy, he was taken to Pollachi Hospital for further treatment.

The incident in which the boy was attacked by the leopard has caused great shock among the public. As a result, the people have demanded that the forest department should cage the leopard.

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