11,495 EVMs kept ready

In 8 segments of Erode district, 4,779 ballot machines, 3,746 control units, and 4,088 VVPATs, totalling 12,613 machines were existed for assembly poll, Collector C Kathiravan said.

He said that when the engineers checked the functions on the machines, it was revealed that 21 ballot machines, 192 control units, 243 VVPAD were faulty. Steps have been taken to repair them and replace them.

So, currently, there are 4,757 recording machines, 3,454 control devices, 3,695 VVIPATs and 11,906 machines are ready for use.

Of these, 411 machines are used to create awareness among the public about recording and to train officers.

So, the remaining 11495 were ready for public use.

The machines will be sent as per the requirement of the respective segments.

Of that, the ballot machine and control unit will be sent at an additional 20 percent and VVPAT at 30 percent.

They will be sent from Erode to the respective constituency in the GPS fitted vehicle with police protection.

1000 WHEEL CHAIRS: On the day of polling in Erode district, 1,000 wheelchairs will be ready for use by the diffabled. In the district, 2,215 polling booths were set up at 926 polling centers.

Due to the spread of the corona infection, an additional 527 booths were newly selected as the Election Commission ordered the splitting of polling stations above 1,050 votes into two.

There, we have completed all the basic facilities and sent it to the Election Commission for approval. Accordingly, at the district level, 2,741 polling stations will operate at 951 polling centers.

One wheelchair is parked at each of the 951 polling centres for the disabled, the elderly and those who are unable to walk due to accidents.

550 wheelchairs were bought and used in the last parliamentary election.
Newly, 450 wheelchairs have been purchased and are coming to Erode today. With this, 1,000 bicycles will be used and sent to the respective polling stations one by one before polling, he said.

SECURITY: 92 cadres paramilitary forces have arrived in Erode district for use at sensitive booths. Of the 2,741 polling stations in Erode district, 111 are located in the hills and three are located inside the Tiger Sanctuary.

Webcam cannot be used at 18 polling booths as internet facility is not available there.

The officials will videograph there and walkie talkie of forest officials will be used to share information.

Erode district is not a tense and troubled area by any means. However, in some places we call them tense because some problems have happened in previous polls.

At each polling station, a policeman and a non-police uniform officer will be appointed.

In some places, one to 4 policeman will be assigned for security.
In the sensitive booths, 92 cadres of paramilitary forces, who already visited, will be posted for security.

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