1100 vehicles confiscated in a single day

Corona 2nd wave is spreading fast in Tamil Nadu. To control this, a full curfew has been extended until June 7 and restrictions have been tightened.

Despite the full curfew, large numbers of people in two-wheelers and four-wheelers roam around as usual. Police subsequently confiscated their vehicles, filed a case and fined them. Erode police arrested motorists and sent them for corona test in an ambulance.

On the 9th day of the curfew yesterday, police were engaged in intensive surveillance across the district. Yesterday, 300 people who did not wear face shields were fined Rs 200 each. Thirty people who did not abide by the social gap were prosecuted and fined.

A total of 1055 cases were registered for violating the curfew. Police also seized 1072 two-wheelers and 28 four-wheelers. A fine of Rs 5.50 lakh was imposed yesterday alone, police said.

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