100 crore is not just a number, beginning of a new chapter: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi has said that the achievement of 100 crore vaccinations is possible only through the joint efforts of all the people of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually addressed the nation today on the occasion of the 100 crore corona vaccination.

Speaking then, he said, “We have created a new history by creating a great record yesterday. India has reached the tough target of administering 100 crore vaccine doses in 257 days. The 100 crore vaccine is the beginning of a new record.

India’s vaccination program is being compared globally. This gift is the success of the relentless effort and hope of the new India.

It turned out to be an opportunity for India amidst a great crisis. Various questions were raised about India during the global vaccination drive.

Questions were raised as to how India, with its large population, would manage to vaccinate the people.
We avoided prioritizing the VIPs when the vaccination drive began. We took various measures to give hope to the people during the Corona period. India’s vaccination programme is purely scientific.

The government has ensured that millions of people are vaccinated. Cowin website made the vaccination programme very accessible to the public. India has a special place in the global pharmaceutical industry. We also implemented plans for the development of the country without being hit by the corona impact.

We have implemented special projects in various fields including agriculture, tourism and industry. The vaccine made in our country has protected our people.

We have also developed an interest in purchasing indigenous and local products under the Make in India programme.
We who have experienced the great tribulation of the corona have the strength to face any further crisis.

The question arose as to how it would be beneficial to light the lamp and raise the sound of clapping. All of those efforts increased the excitement in the medical field”. Thus spoke Prime Minister Modi.

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