1.26 lakh people vaccinated against corona

After conducting a study on corona control measures in Bhavani and Anthiyur, Collector C. Kathiravan said: in the Bhavani area, two shops, a fancy store and a jewellery shop, were fined Rs 5,000 each and sealed for failing to carry out corona prevention measures properly.

At the district level, as of yesterday, 19,811 people were affected by corona and 16,998 have recovered. Currently, 2,656 people are in treatment.

Perundurai Government Medical College has 550 beds, Erode Government Hospital has 204 beds and Government Hospitals have 834 beds.

Of these, 189 are inpatients and 164 are outpatients.

At the district level, 1,709 people are isolated in their homes.

In temporary corona infection treatment centers, 2,550 beds are ready.

In private hospitals, 1,178 beds are ready, where 32 are staying.

As of yesterday, 5.042 lakh have been tested for corona and 1.26 lakh people have been vaccinated against corona.

Those who do not know how to register for the corona vaccine can register at the Erode Government Hospital daily from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm and be vaccinated the next day.

There is an adequate supply of corona vaccine in the district, he added

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