Yoga training for corona patients in Erode GH


Around 74 corona patients were getting treatment in the Erode GH which has 200 beds for such patients, said the GH superintendent Dr Gnanakan Premniwas. She said that among them, 8 were getting treatment of breathing problem.

All of them were given medical treatment and nutritious food to raise their immunity power. To reduce their mental strain, yoga training was also given to them.

Due to such kind of treatment, many recovered fast. Besides, corona, patients of other diseases were also given treatment, she said.

Government Erode Medical College and Hospital at Perundurai also has 500 beds of corona patients. Erode GH has now 100 inpatients and 500 outpatients were visiting it daily.

From March to August, 1670 deliveries took place in it and of which 815 were normal and the rest were caesarian. Noonmeal staff recruitment: The district administration took steps to fill up 93 noonmeal organizer, 11 cook and 97 helper posts directly in the noonmeal centres in the district.

The panchayat union, corporation and municipal offices were collecting applications for the vacant posts from Sept 24 to 30. Those who are residing within 3 km radius of the centre can apply by submitting a certificate from the VAO regarding the distance.

Around 2900 applications were received so far and of which 900 were filed by same persons for 2 posts or for two centres. The defective applications were given to the applicants, they added.

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