Survey reveals 135 bird species and 118 butterflies in Erode forest division


An impressive 135 bird species and 118 butterfly species have been recorded from the first-ever survey held at the Erode Forest Division, adjoining Sathy Tiger Reserve (STR) on Sept 12 and 13.

Under the guidance of Chief Conservator of Forest and Field Director of STF Dr V Naganathan and Erode DFO Vismiju Viswanathan, DFO, 50 staff including naturalists and forest officials conducted the study.

The Nature and Butterfly Society (TNBS) president A.Pavendhan supported the survey. Announcing the results, Vismiju Viswanathan said the survey would be held during summer and winter to study multi-seasonal variation and to arrive at a baseline checklist data for the division.

He said among the total number of 135 birds, 13 belongs to the water birds, 6 belongs to the raptors, 6 belongs to the owls/ nightjars and the rest 110 belong to assorted family of birds.

Most dominating species are Spotted Dove, and Malabar Parakeet. Among the birds sighted, the following birds are of importance and they are Red Spurfowl, Painted Spurfowl, Green Imperial Pigeon, Sirkeer Malkoha, Jungle Nightjar, Crested Treeswift, Barred Buttonquail, Black Eagle, Brown Fish-owl, Indian Grey Hornbill, Rufous Woodpecker, Black-headed Cuckooshrike and Grey Wagtail.

Among the total number of 118butterflies recorded, 10 belongs to swallowtails (Papilionidae), 21 belongs to the whites and yellows (Pieridae), 37 belongs to the Nymphalidae family,33belongs to blues and judies (LycaenidaeandRiodinidae) and 17 to the Skippers (Hesperiidae).

Butterflies such as Dingy Lineblue, White Four-ring and Common Grass Yellow are found in abundance status and the interesting butterfly sightings include Southern Birdwing, Common Jezebel, Dark Wanderer, Glassy Tiger, Rustic, Bamboo Treebrown, Striated Five-ring, Baronet, Long-banded Silverline, Monkey Puzzle, Red Pierrot, Golden Angle and Moore’s Ace

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