SOF Olympiad Exams to be conducted online


Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), the largest organizers of Olympiad Exams for school students in the world, has announced that the Olympiad exams will be conducted online during the current academic year (2020-2021), considering the safety aspects of students SOF will conduct four Olympiad exams this year – SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad, SOF International English Olympiad, SOF National Science Olympiad and SOF International Mathematics Olympiad. Registrations are open and students may register up to 15 days before date of each. Students may log into to register for one or more exams.

Exams Dates:

SOF international general knowledge Olympiad: Nov 7,8; 21,22; Dec 5,6. SOF International English Olympiad: Nov 14,15; 28,29, Dec 12,13; SOF National Science Olympiad: Dec 19,20; Jan 9,10; 30,31; SOF International Mathematics Olympiad: Dec 26,27; Jan 2,3; 23,24. OF International General Knowledge Olympiad SOF International English Olympiad Last year, around 28,000 students from Tirupur schools had appeared in the Olympiads fromclass one to twelve.

Mr. Mahabir Singh, Founder Director, SOF, revealed that SOF is partnering a leading international organization to conduct online exams. Extensive use of Artificial Intelligence, remote proctoring, video recording of exam and various other tools will be used to ensure integrity of exams.

He also revealed that during 2019-20, over 56,000 schools from 32 countries registered for the 6 Olympiad exams and millions of students appeared in them. Awards, gifts, prizes and scholarships were given to the winning schools and students from each class, state and also at the International level.

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