Religare Health Insurance is now Care Health Insurance


Religare Health Insurance has re-christened itself as Care Health Insurance. The company covers 80 cashless healthcare providers in Coimbatore and over 900 in Tamil Nadu, according to a press communication.

“The company believes that while the world is becoming fast-paced, automated, and transactional, the personal human touch the essence of ‘care’ – continues to remain cardinal and relevant”, said Anuj Gulati, Founding Managing Director & CEO, Care Health Insurance.

The organization has so far settled more than 23 lakh claims and provides customers with a network of 11000+ cashless healthcare providers across urban and rural India.

All aspects pertaining to customers’ existing policies, such as policy number, health card, cashless network, customer care details, and claims & renewal processes, remain unchanged.

Everything about the organization remains the same, except the name, the company’s communication states.

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