Patent granted to Bharathiar University,“A method to isolate Isokaempferide from Acalypha alnifolia”


The patented invention is the method for isolating a phytocompound proved for its anti diabetic activity. The phytocompound Isokaempferide is isolated comprising better yield from this novel column chromatographic method.

Many research works were going on to explore potential solution for treating diabetes, which could cause many health problems, by various sources.

Especially plant based phytocompounds have profound anti-diabetic efficiency that has also gained lots of attraction towards modern research.

Therefore the wild plant Acalypha alnifolia is a leafy vegetable which is grown in the Western Ghats was scientifically studied to isolate the compound Isokaempferide that is used against diabetes.

Based on this Prof. Dr. T. Parimelazhagan from the department of Botany, Bharathiar University, started an initiative in exploring the scientific biological properties of the compound Isokaempferide and studied the easiest method of isolating it with high yield.

The scientific analysis was carried out by his research scholar Dr. P. Revathi, who is currently working as an assistant professor in the department of botany, Kongunadu Arts and Science College.

The research findings enabled in gaining more innovative knowledge towards improving the study by developing the new method for isolating the compound.

Further in order to protect the research work, the patent regarding the method of isolation was filed in the year 2015.

By the examination of the patent committee, the screening process scrutinized their work as a novel approach and the patent was granted on Oct 14, 2020. Highlights of the study: The present work states the importance of wild plants for food as well as medicine and the importance of traditional knowledge documentation.

The study explores the nutritional, antioxidant and antidiabetic properties of Acalypha alnifolia. Since diabetes occurrence is increasing throughout the world, the research for better alternate is necessary one.

In this sense, this piece of work will help in diabetes treatment after successive studies for confirmation.

In particular this invention relates to a greater quantity of isokaempferide isolated from acetone extract of the plant by chloroform:ethylacetate fraction of silica gel column chromatography. Societal impact:
The method has been optimized to produce high yield of the compound Isokaempferide which can be used by the pharmaceutical industries for developing medicine for treating diabetes.

It is from a wild edible plant source and due to its high nutritional value, it will not have any adverse side effects in comparison with the synthetic chemicals.

The invention of the method will also lead to development of cost effective treatment because of the plants natural form of existence. Farmers will also gain benefit by cultivating the plant in a large scale. The industrial application of the plant leaf will also improve their livelihood

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