Karunya agri students get hands-on training in village farms

More than four hundred final-year farm graduates from the School of Agriculture and Biosciences of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS) are under going a field-based learning internship called the ‘Rural Agricultural Work experience’ (RAWE) with the farmers in over 50 districts of South India as per the guidelines of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), while also following all COVID-19 protocols.

One of the key activities of RAWE is to gain practical experience in crop production techniques and learn the farming practices adopted by farmers, which otherwise could not be learnt from textbooks and classroom teaching.

RAWE also provides opportunities to interact and learn from State Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Agriculture Engineering as well as Animal Husbandry, NGOs, and research institutes serving the villages.

RAWE allows students to learn the field level problems in real-time and helps the students to offer solutions for development of rural livelihoods. This exposure will promote skill enhancement in the field and enable them to set a career in the farming arena. KITS has formulated RAWE methodology which includes guidance of students remotely through intense preparatory training on techniques of approaching farmers in villages, learning from farmers through observations, reporting field-problems to suggest solutions, etc. through online submission by end of each day.
KITS follows the ICAR curriculum for agricultural education and endeavours to augment its academic standards by drawing on the best practices of State Agricultural Institutions, according to a press communication from KITS.

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