DVAC sleuths conduct raid in PWD officer’s house

Erode DVAC officials conducted a raid in the house of PWD assistant director Mahesh Pandiyan at Sangu Nagar, Erode and also in another house at his home district Theni and seized many incriminating documents, sources said.

It is stated that permission should be obtained from the PWD for boilers to be installed in factories in the district and also stability certificate for such boilers once a year. Numerous complaints went to the DVAC police that the staff of the office were seeking bribes to grant and renew such permits.

In this situation, on Oct 13, staff led by Maheshpandian inspected 4 rice mills and at the same time, DVAC DSP Divya, inspectress Rekha and cops raided the PWD office, located in the Erode Collectorate premises. The cops seized Rs 1.61 lakh unaccounted money during the raid from the office.
Following this, the sleuths registered a case against Ramkumar (45), a resident of Bhavani Elavamalai village, who was acting as a broker for Mahesh Pandian (50).

They also conducted a series of investigations in this regard. Meanwhile, the DSP Divya raided the residence of Mahesh Pandiyan in Sangunagar, Erode last night.

It is said that Rs 66,000 in cash and a large number of property documents were seized during the raid.

Similar raid was held in his house at his home district Theni. Only at the end of the investigation will the details of how much money and documents were seized from the houses be revealed, sources said.

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