Blenders Pride Fashion Tour collaborates with Tarun Tahiliani

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour and designer TarunTahiliani have collaborated digitally to celebrate his 25 years in the industry, The digital leg, in collaboration with TarunTahiliani, celebrated a story of My Identity, My Pride. The evening showcased elements of Pride in his craft and heritage, being modern and having a ‘Stream of Consciousness’ as an entity.

The striking experience uncovered the idea of ‘INFINITE’ possibilities in one’s lives by setting an example for the world to follow, according to the company’s statement.

Through a theatrical representation of fashion, 25 muses donned 25 stunning looks, both menswear and women’s wear, in a larger-than-life custom set designed by TarunTahiliani, showcasing his 25-year journey. Speaking on the occasion, Ishwindar Singh, GM Marketing, Pernod Ricard India, said, “ The journey of ‘Pride’ that we set off on over the last two years continues to take center stage this year as well, bringing alive a distinct expression of ‘My Identity, My Pride’.

Tarun Tahiliani said, ‘This collaboration is a celebration of my journey and the myriad and varied influences that have inspired its course over the years. I take immense pride in expressing who I am and where I stand today, and in my association with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2020, because it gives me the opportunity to celebrate my identity with Pride.”

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