Artificial limb production unit starts functioning in CGMCH

An artificial limb production unit starts, established at a cost of Rs 50 lakh, started functioning in the Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital (CGMCH) to help people to get the limbs free of cost under the CM’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme which came into force since 2012. According to officials, the scheme aimed to provide world class medical facility for new born to aged persons.

Under that scheme, the CHMCH has only helped the people of the Coimbatore district but also to those living in neighbouring districts, giving medicare to people on par with the modern private hospitals. People of all districts can stay in the CGMCH and get treatment.

Says a beneficiary Yasodha of Somanur, `she suffered with diabetes for the past 5 years leading to removal of her left leg from knee after a wound.
She has to spend Rs 3 lakh in private hospital to get artificial limb.

When she went to physiotherapy and accident care department of the CGMCH, its artificial limb production centre, under the CM’s health scheme, offered the artificial limb free of cost, raising her hope to do her work on her own. In this regard, she expressed her wholehearted gratitude to the CM.

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