Amazon India eliminates 100% Single-use plastic in packaging

Amazon India today announced that it has eliminated all single-use plastic in packaging originating from its 50+fulfilment centers in India. According to a statement from the company, in September 2019 the company had pledged to meet this goal in an accelerated time frame by June 2020,in an effort to build an environmentally sustainable supply chain.

In December 2019 the company replaced plastic packaging material, such as bubble wraps and air pillows, with paper cushion in its packaging.
All other plastic packaging material originating from the Amazon Fulfilment Centers are 100% recyclable through available collection, segregation and recycling channels.Amazon India continues to educate sellers, who directly fulfil customer orders, to join in this directional change in packaging said, Prakash Kumar Dutta, Director,Customer Fulfilment & Supply Chain, Amazon India.

India’s Fulfilment centers are now either packaging-free or have significantly reduced packaging.The company has also been collecting and recycling plastic waste equivalent to its usage at a national level from September2019, and has identified collection agencies to help collect equivalent 100% plastic waste generated from usage across Amazon fulfilment network, company officials said.

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