6 ton Sampanki flower wasted

The ryots of Sathy area dumped 6 ton of sampanki flower in a public tank in the area due to lack of buyers. In over 50 villages, jasmine, mullai, sampanki plants were existed in thousands of acres in the taluk. In Periyakulam and Varadampalayam villages alone, sampanki was raised in over 2000 acre.

During curfew period, the ryots dumped the flowers due to no takers. After relaxation of curfew this month, they sent the flowers to Karnataka at a price of RS 70 per kg.

A scent unit at Sirumugai also bought the flowers. But, now, due to increasing corona cases in all areas, including Samrajnagar and Mysuru where curfew was again promulgated, none opted to buy the flowers even for a price of Rs 10 per kg.

As the borders of the district were also closed, the ryots were not able to send flowers to other districts. They spent Rs 7 per kg for picking flowers from the plants but they were not able to get such amount. So, they destroyed the flowers, they rued and appealed to the government to help them suitably.

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